New Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR) DID To Be Issued

by Glenn Gallop on May 4, 2012

in Earned Value Management

A new Data Item Description (DID) for contract performance reporting (CPR) was recently circulated for public comment and is expected to take effect in May, 2012.

The new DID, Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR), DI-MGMT-81466B, will replace both the current Contract Performance Report (CPR) DID, DI-MGMT-81466A, and the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) DID, DI-MGMT-81650. The draft DID can be viewed on the OSD PARCA web site at:

The initial public comment period for the IPMR DID was closed on January 31, 2012.  Since that time, there have been additional discussions with industry through the NDIA Program Management Systems Committee ( The expected publication date for the new DID is May 2012, but this depends upon final coordination and approval by OSD.

Once approved, the new DID will be applied to new contracts that require Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS).

Major Changes / Differences

  • The new IPMR DID combines the CPR and IMS DIDs into one
  • CPR Formats 1-5 are retained (with a few minor changes as described below)
  • The Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) becomes IPMR Format 6
  • Format 3 (Baseline) has some minor format changes to subtotal changes within the period
  • Electronic data submittal is required using the UN/CEFACT XML standard
  • Earlier delivery dates: formats 1-4 & 6 are due 2 days earlier (10 working days after the close of the accounting period vs. 12 days); format 5, however is due one day later (13 working days)
  • There is no provision for negotiating a later submittal date as there was in the CPR DID (up to 17 working days)

Rationale and Impact

The government believes that in addition to stressing the concept of cost and schedule integration, the new IPMR will improve the integrity/quality of the reporting. In an attempt to make the information more timely, the draft DID accelerates the required reporting dates to 10 working days (formats 1-4 and 6) and 13 working days (format 5). They also believe that the new language regarding format 5 analysis requirements will reduce the reporting burden on contractors and enhance focus on the significant risks to the program.

Even though the draft DID requires the submittal of digital data as described above.  Data for Format 1-4 must also be submitted in human readable format and the IMS must also submitted as an electronic file in native format produced by the scheduling tool (e.g. an .mpp file produced by Microsoft Project).

There are other changes that have less impact than the ones described above. For example, it clarifies the intent of authorized unpriced work (AUW) and undistributed budget (UB). The recommended format for thresholds is a combination of dollars AND percentage. There has been a minor change to format 3 to show the amount of change between the Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB) at the beginning and end of the month. Additionally, specific options for schedule margin are defined.

The draft Format 3, highlighting the changes, can be found here:

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