The Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) has responsibility to assess contractor program controls and procedures for compliance with the 32 EIA 748 EVMS Guidelines.  Historically, this was a time-consuming and expensive process for both the government and the contractor, involving site visits, processs reviews, CAM interviews and data traces.

In order to streamline and make this process more efficient, DCMA is currently piloting a risk-based, data-driven approach to assess compliance with EIA 748. Working with industry pilot teams, DCMA has developed a set of some 160+ individual metrics that are collectively referred to as Earned Value Analysis System (EVAS) metrics. Many of these metrics are earned value or cost-related metrics, but a number are schedule-related and can be assess from within an Integrated Master Schedule (IMS).

DCMA Schedule Analyzer forProject version 4.0 now supports 20 of the DCMA EVAS data-driven schedule metrics including the following:

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For more information about the DCMA EVAS Metrics, see: