Process Library forProject™

Process Library forProject™ is a SharePoint application that enables you to organize, maintain, publish and distribute your important process documentation, making it much easier for your teams to find just what they need, when they need it.


You work long and hard to design and develop effective process documentation: policies, process flows, procedures, work instructions, tools and templates. What happens with all that investment in process documentation?

In many organizations, these documents are printed and then promptly fall out-of-date. In other organizations, documents are deposited in vast, poorly-organized network drives.  This makes it hard for people to find what they need, when they need it, or to know that the version they find is the right one.  As a result, much of that investment in process documentation goes to waste, and people revert to ad hoc and informal methods to guide business behavior.

Process Library forProject changes all that. It leverages the power of SharePoint to create a structured, searchable, up-to-date repository of your important process documentation. Easy navigation menus guide people to the right place given the phase in the process, or the nature of the project, or their role in the process.

With Process Library forProject, your people can quickly navigate to the right document or process flow. Or, they can use SharePoint’s powerful search feature to find all the documents relevant to a particular topic.

Key Benefits

  • Process documentation of all kinds is easier to find
  • People spend less time searching, and start actually using, the appropriate process guidance
  • Cost of creating, distributing, maintaining and supporting your process library is reduced
  • There is less confusion about roles, responsibilities and process steps
  • Business process maturity and consistency is improved

Example of content courtesy of Pinnacle Management Systems, Inc.


  • Installs as a feature set in a Publish site in SharePoint 2010
  • Can be used to create multiple sites for all your process libraries
    • EVM processes and system descriptions
    • Project Management process library
    • Other important business processes
  • Flexible navigation menu allows you to organize the library by process stage, project type, role and other categories
  • Image mapper allows you to create links between process flow charts and other images and the related process documentation
  • Perfect for distribution of:
    • Process documents
    • Flow diagrams
    • Standard policies
    • Procedures and work instructions
    • Tools, templates and work aids
    • Training materials

Example of content courtesy of Pinnacle Management Systems, Inc.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010


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