Am I seeing double? My Project Server 2007 project has duplicate custom field names!

by Glenn Gallop on May 8, 2012

in Project Server

A  client came to me recently concerned that every Project Server 2007 project appeared to have duplicate local custom fields listed in the Column Definition window.  The odd thing was not every project was showing the same duplicate fields.  For example one project might show duplicate listings of Text1, Text2 and Text 3 as shown below:

… and in another project you would see a completely different set of fields duplicated,  like Text7, Text8 and Text9.

If you’re experiencing this same situation, I have good news, and more good news…

The good news is that this is a known situation in Project Server 2007 and it will not cause any harm.  It occurs, apparently, when you rename a field and then remove the custom name.

For example, if you rename “Text 13” to “Responsible Manager”, then later remove the “Responsible Manager” custom field name, you are likely to see what appears to be a duplicate field name.

Don’t worry, we have it on good authority from Microsoft that this issue is known and will not cause any real harm (other than looking kind of funny).

There is more good news as well.  This problem does not appear to occur in Project Server 2010, so when your organization is ready to upgrade to 2010, you should see this issue disappear!

As always, feel free to contact us if you have questions about Microsoft Project, Project Server, scheduling or Earned Value Management.  We’re always happy to help!

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