Earned Value Training & Education

forProject offers earned value training and education services to help you implement Earned Value management more effectively.

Earned Value Management can be a complicated discipline.  To implement EVM effectively, your organization is likely to need training in both EVMS software tools and, even more important, education in EVMS methods and concepts.

Earned Value Training

  • EVM executive overviews / management awareness training
  • EVM methodology and concepts
  • Effective use of EVM metrics
  • Effective scheduling in an EVM environment
  • Schedule quality metrics / DCMA 14-point assessment

forProject Software Training

forProject Technology provides training in our software tools that will help your organization put them to use as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We don’t offer “one-size-fits-all” canned training. Our training is role-based, so that each user learns just what they need to know to support their role in the EVMS process.  In addition, our training can be tailored for your organization, so that we use terms that your users are already familiar with and give examples that reflect your projects.

In addition to training in our tools, we also provide advanced training in the use of Microsoft Project in an EVMS environment.  Unlike many other “off-the-shelf” courses in Microsoft Project, our training reflects the special needs and considerations when using MS Project in an EVMS environment.


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